Without Jesus Silk Set (1 Streamer and 6 Silks)

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Perfect to use with the AVC Box (sold separately) or one of our many other Production Props including the Change Bag, Hidden Spring Change Bag, Giant Massal Tube, Super Change Canister, etc.!

The Effect: A box (or other production prop) is shown to the audience and appears to be completely empty. A picture representing Jesus (18" Jesus Silk) is placed into the box. Then, a moment later the box seems to be full! In this example, five different handkerchiefs are removed from the box. Then, a 16' rainbow streamer is produced.

Message: The emptiness of the box is an example of what life is like without Jesus. Nothing of long-lasting value. When the box is full it is like what a person has when Jesus is there:
joy, hope, eternity in Heaven. And, the promise that God will never leave us.

The Without Jesus Silk Set includes one of each of the following:

2"x16' Rainbow Streamer
18" Jesus Silk
9" Purple Silk
9" Yellow Silk
9" Blue Silk
9" White Silk
9" Red Silk

Please Note:  Video shows David using a Production Box.  Currently, we do not carry the Production Box.