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This book is a tribute wherein Duane Laflin shares lessons he learned from magician friends who were his teachers and mentors in magic. He speaks of nine famous performers and shares trick concepts they taught him, as well as things he learned from them which were more important than tricks.

In this book, you will find insight about Jay Marshall, Karrell Fox, Warren Stephens, Pavel, Ali Bongo, Billy McComb, Salvano, Tommy Wonder, and Harry Blackstone Jr. You will also find a clear explanation of some wonderful magic routines.

Don't miss the Kid-Show comedy trick in the section on Warren Stephens! This routine alone is worth your investment in this book. Also learn Jay Marshall's method of vanishing a cane in newspaper, Karrell Fox's method for turning a small sponge ball into a huge one, a clever method of cutting and restoring a handkerchief (influenced by Salvano), and a super practial routine for the Silk To Egg trick as inspired by Ali Bongo. More valuable than the tricks are the advice on showmanship, presentation, and the overall matter of being a good magician.

Paperback: 68 pages
Copyright: Duane Laflin/Laflin Magic (June 2011)