The Super Change Canister with DVD

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The Super Change Canister was specially designed by Duane Laflin and made for Laflin Magic. 

The great thing about this prop is that it can be used in three different ways... To make something appear, disappear or transform!

  1. To make something appear:  Show the canister empty - then make a production from it!  Produce spring flowers, fruit, a stuffed animal, etc!
  2. To make something disappear:  Put something into the canister - then show that it is gone!  Make a large silk, rope or other item vanish from view!
  3. To transform something:  Put one thing into the canister - then show that it has become something else!  For example, transform four large silks into a long streamer, or magically "blend" individual silks into a big patterned silk!

This sharp-looking black canister has an ample load chamber,  stands approximately 13" high x 4 1/2" wide and is tastefully adorned with black and silver trim.  It is very classy and professional looking.

Written instructions and DVD included.