The Obedient Heart - BACK IN STOCK!

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A Wooden Heart on a rope is shown. The audience is told that the heart will move and stop when it is told to. The heart is told to go half way down the rope and stop, but instead slides all the way to the bottom. This happens again. So, this time the heart is told to drop to the bottom of the rope. This time the rope stops halfway!

This illustrates how sometimes in our heart we know the right thing to do, but we have a tough time being obedient. Finally, to illustrate a heart that is obedient to Christ, the heart now does exactly what it is told. It can move just a little way down the rope, to the middle, near the bottom, or go from top to bottom.

This is a very fun trick that is easy to master and has an incredible lesson!

Written routine included.

Please note:  Obedient Heart varies slightly from the one David is using in the video. Beads are natural wood instead of yellow plastic.