The Ministry Deck DVD

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The Ministry Deck is an exciting and versatile tool for those who use magic tricks/illusions in ministry. The faces all have either Biblical themes or fun pictures representing things such as happiness, good works, fame, power and more. As well, there are a number of animal pictures in the deck so it can be used for fun tricks that need not have a direct Bible message.

This DVD provides information and instruction on how to use the Deck for a variety of magical happenings and routines.

Duane Laflin shows the seven card principle, a card match effect, the Bible Way and the Lost Sheep.  He also mentions the means in which the cards can be used to tell stories.

Andrew Hyder is on hand to perform a version of the classic "Ambitious Card" effect done with these unique cards and a "Four Faces: trick (like the "Four Aces").  See color changes and other tricks as well!

The Ministry Deck offers abundant possibilities.  This DVD will help you discover many of them!

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