The Magic Card Trick DVD

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The Trick:
-The audience is shown a prediction.
- The magician then shows a stack of seven cards.
- He mixes the seven cards so each card is in a new place.
- He mixes them again.
- A spectator decides freely how many more times the cards will be mixed.
- Once the mixing is complete, the word "MAGIC" is used to select a card.
- The card turns out to be the only red card in the stack - all the others are black.
- This card turns out to be exactly the card predicted by the magician!

No sleights or moves. This is a wonderful self-working trick! The DVD program shows a performance of the trick, then teaches you exactly how to do it. This trick works great as an "on stage" presentation and also is great as a table top trick to impress those who are close-up.

Copyright: Laflin Magic/Duane Laflin (August 2011)