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The audience is shown a prediction.  The Magician then shows a stack of seven cards.  He mixes the seven cards so each card is in a new place.  He mixes them again.

The Spectator is chosen to decide how many more times the cards will be mixed.  The Spectator has free choice in the matter.

Once the mixing is complete, the word "FAITH" is used to select a card.  This card turns out to be the only red card in the stack.  All the others are black.  More than that, this card turns out to be exactly the card predicted by the Magician. It is the King of Hearts!

No sleights or moves.  This is a wonderful self-working trick.  In this DVD program, Duane shows a performance of the trick then teaches you exactly how to do it.

The trick is a powerful illustration of the need to let FAITH bring you the true "King of Hearts!"