Super Gospel Skits For Clown Ministry

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Super Gospel Clown Skits is a wonderful blend of funny business and serious message. Each skit offers comedy situations, jokes, and humorous lines, yet ends with a clear scriptural lesson and challenge. Along with entertaining dialogue, there is opportunity for slapstick action. The skits are written with a clown troupe or clown ministry team in mind. Most of them are written for presentation by two clowns, with suggested ways of involving more clowns. One of the skits is written for just one clown. It would be easy to modify several of the other skits for just one clown as well. It would also be possible to use many of the skits ideas for puppet programs if you prefer to do so. The bottom line is...this book is a valuable resource for creative ministry with humor!

By Mary and Duane Laflin: The Skits and routines in this book have been collected over the course of twenty years. Everything in this book has been performed before regular audiences to very good response. The jokes do get laughs. The message does come across. The logic and sequence of each skit can be easily presented and understood. This is “Proven Stuff"

Daune Laflin and his wife Mary are full time entertainers who have used their performing skills in ministry for many years. Although their primary expertise is that of being Christian "illustionists" they have lectured and performed for every major convention of clowns in America and are sought after teachers for creative ministry conferences around the world. The Laflins write from broad practical experience and are much appreciated for their Biblically delightful approach to minisrty.

Paperback: 56 pages
Copyright: Duane and Mary Laflin (June 2002)