Paper Wand Tubes - Set of 3

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When you need a heavy duty paper tube to use with tricks such as Duke's Dye Version, the Drop Gimmick, Mismade Flag and Silk Poke, look to our Paper Wand Tubes!!!  These nicely made tubes are perfect for such purposes and more!  When rolled up, they look like a large magic wand, measuring approximately 13" in length. When opened, they reveal a pattern of stars!  These are crafted from special paper stock printed in beautiful color that will last a long time.   No need to use copy paper or poster board when you can have something of this quality for an amazing price!
Example of use: Put a drop gimmick in one end of the tube, load a progression of silks in the other. Then, when a silk is put into the bottom end of the tube and apparently pushed through to come out the other end, it has changed!  Multiple changes can occur. Finally, by way of dropping out the drop gimmick, after many changes have occurred, the tube is unrolled and shown empty.  There is nothing left but a picture of stars to indicate the magic has happened...or to indicate an message such as "reach for the stars" and "all things are possible!"
Get your set of 3 Paper Wand Tubes to use with a variety of gimmicks and effects!