Locked In - Wood Version

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A bill is secured in a small wooden frame and a padlock is snapped shut through the frame.

3 keys are shown to the spectators.

The magician demonstrates that one of the keys can open the padlock and he mixes up with the other two keys.

The two volunteers each choose a key- completely their own choice (no force). One key is left for the magician.

The volunteers are told that if their key will open the lock they will win the cash. Each one of the volunteers tries his key to open the lock but only the last key that is left to the magician opens the lock, leaving the prize with the magician!
We have used this in several programs of an illustration of the choices we make. In life sometimes we make choices without really knowing what the end result will be, but thee are times you can make a choice and know for sure that you made the right decision!