Laflin Giant Alphabet Card Deck With DVD

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These cards are designed to work with our Giant Spelling Board trick, but they can also be used separately for many tricks and object lessons which makes it a great investment.

The Laflin Giant Alphabet Card Deck consists of 52 large cards, each containing a letter of the alphabet.  There are 2 of each letter:  two A's, two B's, two C's, etc.  See the video below for a great explanation by Duane on how to use this special deck!

The DVD that comes with this deck provides you with 10 lessons and handling of the tricks.  There is also a sheet of "quick ideas" included to get you started and inspired!

Each card measures approximately 4 1/4" x 6 1/2" , has nicely rounded edges and comes in a resealable storage pouch.

For more information about the Spelling Board Illusion, click here!