Impossible Puzzle Illusion: Large Version - LAST ONE !

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This is a very unique illusion. It is truly unlike anything else. The illusion is fantastic, and the message is even better. There are actually two ways this illusion can be done.

1. Show a frame filled to the edges with several unique puzzle pieces that are different sizes and shapes. The frame is removed and a new piece is added. The pieces are rearranged, then the frame is added again and still fits perfectly!

2. Again, show a frame filled to the edges with unique puzzle pieces. The frame is removed. This time, one piece is removed (we often use this as an illustration of addictions and unhealthy parts of our life that we don't think we can live without). After the piece is removed, the pieces are rearranged and the frame is put back on. Again- it fits perfectly!

This illusion includes a full routine written out word for word and includes free domestic shipping.