Gospel Illusions Ultimate Kit

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This amazing set includes scripts and lessons for over 60 tricks! This set includes tricks that are fantastic for up-close performances as well as tricks that can easily be seen from stage for large audiences. There are amazing eye-catching “opening effects”, tricks to explain “magic”, fantastic audience participation effects, clear gospel messages, and fun closing effects. A complete show can easily be put together using just these tricks. An incredible value!

The Gospel Illusions Ultimate Kit includes:

Illusions Book
Change Bag
Change Bag DVD
Stiff Rope
Versatile Silk Set
18” Jesus Silk
Illusions for Kidmin Book
Happy Clown Silk Set
Cross and Cubes
Caught Up With Jesus Silk Set
Tear Apart Change Bag
Wonder Bubbles
Ball to Square
Bongo Hat
Red, Yellow, Black, White Rope Trick
Caterpillar / Butterfly Silk Set With Silk Poke
Incredible Traffic Light Trick