Gospel Illusion Starter Kit

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.This Starter Kit, containing over 50 lessons, is an excellent introduction to using Illusions in your Church, Bible School, Outreach or Ministry.  These illusions are simple enough for the beginner to focus on "the message" while keeping their audience's attention.  All of these resources have been used with great success by the Laflin family in their Ministry work for many years.  It is a $118 value. 

The Starter Kit includes all of the following:

  • Illusions Book: 30 tricks using everyday items such as envelopes, paper and  scissors ($15 value)
  • Change Bag and Change Bag DVD: Instruction on 15 easy-to-do lessons with scripture reference, plus 3 bonus routines and live footage of one of David and Teesha's live shows!  ($50 value)
  • Stiff Rope:  How to Get to Heaven ($10 value)
  • Sponge Cross and Cubes:  Foundation of Happiness ($8 value)
  • Kidmin Book: Every lesson and effect in this book is explained in detail along with complete word-for-word routine  ($10 value)
  • 18" Color Jesus Silk:  Very high quality with multiple uses ($15 value)
  • $10 Code to use towards any download on  Choose from titles such as Shielded by Faith, What God Wants, See the Tricks Hear the Truth and many more!  ($10 value)

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