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To those who do family friendly comedy magic shows, kid shows, and clown programs this DVD is "entertainment GOLD!" It offers a treasure of practical routines and trick ideas. The routines have been tested and proven by Duane Laflin in "real world" performance. The patter, showmanship, and presentation insights are clearly explained. The tricks use standard equipment that you likely already own or can easily obtain from a magic store.

Routines include:
- A Box Full of Nothing
- I Can't Show You a Red Handkerchief
- Did You Hear About the Man With Three Ropes?
- Clown Math
- Silk Wonder Box
- Paint My Flower
- Potential
- Fuzzy Wuzzy
- Harry and Hefty Hares
- I Want You to be Miserable
- Flowers and Weeds
- Any Color you Say
- My Pet Flea
- Making Happy Happy
- The Wishing Box
- Rabbit From Hat Picture Style
- Water Suspension
- Silk Through Mirror
- Truth & Right Decision
- The Legend of the Yellow Box

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