David and Teesha Illusion Set / Magic Set

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This is a fantastic magic set with 10 great tricks hand-picked by David and Teesha Laflin. These are quality items that will last, and that you will have success with right away. Within the kit you will receive access to a special website where David and Teesha perform each trick, give you an in-depth teaching on how to do it, share performance tips, and show a few bonuses.

Tricks include:

Cups and Balls
Multi-color Rope Link
Svengali Deck of Playing Cards
Botania Deck of Cards
Ball and Vase
Mental Dice Prediction
The Starving Monkey Card Trick
Double Ghost Lights
Coin Boxes
Visible Cut and Restored Rope (Rope Included)

These are all great tricks that are fun to perform and will baffle your friends! Recommended for ages 7 and up.