Crash Course In Showmanship For Magical Entertainers by Duane Laflin (Book)

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Duane Laflin speaks from experience which includes many years of performing in touring shows, and working as a specialty act in a variety of venues around the world. He is a sought after performer who gets great reviews, numerous repeat bookings and enthusiastic referrals.

This book is a comparatively short course (although more than 100 pages) of instruction about how to entertain an audience and communicate effectively. The information is practical and detailed. Rather than vague generalizations about things performers "ought to do," Duane explains specific action to take and steps to follow in making one's stage presence stronger.

Although written from the frame of reference of being an illusionist (magician), this book applies to anyone and everyone who works in front of an audience. Whether the group is large or small, whether the stage is high, low or non-existent, if a person is to put on some kind of show for a gathering of people, this book will be wonderfully helpful!