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This book is a collection of comedy lists that I have used over the years to introduce various themes in preaching, teaching, and public speaking on spiritual matters.

Each list is presented along with the text that was used and the introduction of which it was a part.

The object of this book is not that the reader would use the lists and introductions exactly as they are shared. The object is rather to suggest possibilities that can be taken in a variety of directions in different situations.

Often in public speaking, teaching, preaching, bringing a devotional, or in serving as a master of ceremonies one finds there is a need to make a transition from a veryhappy and light hearted atmosphere to one that is more serious.

The following comedy lists may be very helpful for that. They entertain the people and at the same time can lead into some very important themes.

Of course, the reader is welcome to use these lists and introductions in any way he would choose.

NOTE: The lists have been collected over many years from multiple sources. Most of the lists are compiled. They include things from the newspaper, jokes friends have told me, bits
and pieces I have heard on the T.V., radio, and so on.

Originally Published in 1990.