Candy Pan: The Magical Candy Box

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Performance Demo

Fundamentally the Candy Pan is similar to the Dove Pan, yet it is not because it can work in either direction. The load can be lifted out of the pan or dropped into the pan at any time the magician chooses for this to happen. This means the pan can repeatedly be shown empty or full, then it can change to the opposite (an empty pan suddenly full or a full pan suddenly empty.)

Show the pan empty. Then, show it full of candy, make a production of silks, a stuffed animal, or anything that will fit inside. Next, you can once again make all of this disappear!

For twice the fun, use two Magical Candy Boxes like Duane shows in the above video to make items "travel" from one to another. Very easy to do, eye-catching, and tons of fun!

Currently only available in Red.