20th Century Jesus Silks Set - Includes The Fantastic Box (color varies)

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In the video above, an 18" Jesus picture silk is shown to the audience. Two other silks are tied together and set aside. The Jesus silk is placed in a small box ("The Fantastic Box") - this is to illustrate death and burial. The silk vanishes from the box- this illustrates the empty tomb. Finally, as a grand illustration of the resurrection, the Jesus silk reappears tied between the two silks that earlier had been set aside. The silk seems to just "pop" into view. 

 The Fantastic Box that is included can be used close up and while surrounded by an audience. The box is approximately 2.5 inches wide by 5 inches long. It will hold money, silks, small prizes, and other objects. Easy to work, just a touch of your finger and the magic happens.

Written gospel presentation ideas using the Fantastic Box include:

  • The empty tomb.
  • Abundant life in Christ.
  • Tithing.
  • Jesus takes away our sin.

PLEASE NOTE: Color of Fantastic Box varies.  If a specific color is desired, please contact us or make a note on your order.