20th Century Jesus Silks Set - Includes The Fantastic Box (color varies)

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An 18" Jesus picture silk is shown to the audience. Two other silks are tied together and set aside. The Jesus silk is placed in a small box ("The Fantastic Box") - this is to illustrate death and burial. The silk vanishes from the box- this illustrates the empty tomb. Finally, as a grand illustration of the resurrection, the Jesus silk reappears tied between the two silks that earlier had been set aside. The silk seems to just "pop" into view. A complete gospel lesson is included.

"The Fantastic Box" that is included can be used close up and while surrounded by an audience. The box is approximately 2.5 inches wide by 5 inches long. It will hold money, silks, small prizes, and other objects. Easy to work, just a touch of your finger and the magic happens.

PLEASE NOTE: Color of Fantastic Box varies.  If a specific color is desired, please contact us or make a note on your order.