The "Heaven" Card Trick

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In this card trick by Duane Laflin, nine cards are mixed in an unexpected and random manner.  The magician will still know which very important card will be found at the end of the mixing - the card with a picture of Jesus!

The Lesson: For every person, the way to heaven is the same. We must know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. (John 14:6)

Secret:  This is a self-working card trick!

The easiest way to present this 4-step trick is for the magician to hold the cards and to do the counting as an audience member makes choices (choosing a name, telling the magician when to stop counting, etc.).  However, you can put the cards in the hand of an audience member and have them follow your instructions very carefully.

The set of 9 cards comes in a plastic carrying case with full written instructions by Duane Laflin.