It Is Your Only Hope - Card Trick

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Using an idea from Dr. Chris Beck of Springfield, Missouri,  Duane Laflin was inspired to produce this card trick to illustrate a powerful spiritual challenge.

The Effect: 

A volunteer from the audience is asked to name any number between five and forty-five.

A deck of 51 cards is shown. This is a special deck.  All the cards are blank except one.  At the beginning of the trick, the audience does not know this.  

The magician counts the cards down until the chosen number is reached.  That card is turned over.  On it is a picture of Jesus Christ.  The rest of the cards are turned over.  All the other cards are found to be blank!

Because the other cards in the deck are blank, it is possible to write things on them to amplify the lesson such as fame, popularity, wealth, education, etc.

Comes in a sturdy plastic storage case with full written instructions and presentation ideas!